Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Wesak Day 08

Woke up early morning and prepare myself. Equipment,, camera...of course must have. Pack all and took the LRT down to Brickfields with my parents. It was a HOT day! Walking to BMV (Buddhist Maha Vihara) form Sentral LRT station already soak my t-shirt. Water, give me water please.

Digi's staff is seen giving out free mineral water. Look for a clear spot and unload my camera. Hunting time! Went all over to cover the whole area. After alomst 2 hours of shooting, it's time to rest. Can't stand the heat, whew...sweat man. By 1.15pm, took LRT back home. What a relieve to get back and finish nearly a bottle of 100 plus. To view my photos, the link is below.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Grab the BRIDE

It was fun to help my friend to video her wedding. But it was tiring as I had to get up at 6am, whew! Have not been getting up so early since secondary school. When I reach the grooms hse, the sky was still dark. Anyway, when we get to the brides place, there's a feeling of joy, fun & enjoyment.

Having to capture the moments where the 'heng tai' negotiating with the 'chee mui' was full of laughter. Looks like a triad nego, kakaka! When the ang-pow is finally given, we proceeded inside the house. Yet there's another road block. They have to play games, read poems and do all sorts of actions to please the 'chee mui'.

Finally we in...the BRIDE look very PRETTY & STUNNING! It was time for tea ceremony. After that we convoy back to the grooms house in PJ from Cheras. Then the it's time for the groom's side for the tea ceremony. All this ended at about noon.

I tell you, the most satisfying part is to view back the video that I have captured. When you busy capturing it, you won't be thinking of the outcome but what to capture, what angle, under what lighting. Cause if you lost the moment, there it goes. When you look at their parents & relatoves face watching the video, you know that you have given them something more valuable then gold. It's the moment of the event.

Glad to see their smiles and happiness watching the video. I was knock out when I got home. Slept till late afternoon. Zzzzzz... to be con't

Monday, April 21, 2008


1st time blogging...testing 123